Hansen : We Can Stop Coastal Subsidence By Taxing CO2

Coastal Louisiana is subsiding more than 5mm per year. Hansen tells us that we can stop this by limiting CO2 to the safe level it was at when the 1988 Yellowstone fire occurred.

“We should be aiming to keep CO2 no higher than about 350ppm and possibly somewhat less. That is probably necessary if we want to maintain stable ice sheets and shorelines and avoid many other issues.”

Father of climate change: 2C limit is not enough – Climate Change – Environment – The Independent


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1 Response to Hansen : We Can Stop Coastal Subsidence By Taxing CO2

  1. B.C. says:

    I’ve got a question for Jim “Algore’s Sock Muppet” Hansen:

    “In the 4.5 billions years or so that the planet has been around, exactly when were the ice sheets and shorelines stable?”

    Points will be deducted for spelling, punctuation and grammatical structure of the answer. Also, the student will receive a “Massive FAIL” grade, should any of the data used in the answer found to be fraudulent* and/or “cherry-picked”.

    *Note: Data from Mann, Jones, Schmidt, et al will be summarily dismissed as being fraudulent.

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