The 1940 Tipping Point

Climate scientists tell us that they are 97% certain that humans are the cause of climate change.

In the context of state of the art science, I will robustly explain the graph below

Starting in 1880, humans were feeding their horses lots of gassy oats – which produced a huge epidemic of farting. Later, the introduction of the Model T was the beginning of automobile emissions – which replaced the horse farts.

This constant farting and gassing continued until 1939, when humans decided to start putting massive amounts of aerosols into the atmosphere – and caused 35 years of linear global cooling. Overnight, humans suddenly increased their aerosol emissions by a factor of 10 or 100.

This explanation is completely robust, and makes lots more sense than blaming the weather on the solar cycles or ocean cycles – if you have the IQ of a turnip or received a climate science education in college.


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2 Responses to The 1940 Tipping Point

  1. oeman50 says:

    Hey, don’t insult the turnip like that! And I think they received educations in climate science fiction.

  2. Actually the claim is that circa 1980-1998 humans contributed to more than half of all observed warming. From 1950-1980 the world cooled, due to human pollution. And from 1998-2012 the world stopped warming for all sorts of reasons that vary in plausibility.

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