Hansen : Clueless About Drought

Hansen claims that lowering CO2 to below 350 ppm is the only thing which can prevent drought in the west.

The historical record tells us that Hansen has absolutely no idea what he is talking about.

28 Mar 1935 – DUSTSTORMS UNABATED U.S.A. Desolation Widespreed…


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2 Responses to Hansen : Clueless About Drought

  1. Doug Proctor says:

    Who was it who said that a big lie, said often, becomes the truth?

    Hansen and Gore and Suzuki are now consistently saying things that are not. Unfortunately Hansen is a gatekeeper on significant data. If he could be forced out of his job for his personal advocacy and income based on his NASA position, the truth about certainty and settleness could come out.

    Hansen’s retirement isn’t coming quickly enough. But I predict it will happen in 2013 if global temperatures actually go down in the next year.

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