Return Of The Jedi

Looks like some real scientists have had enough of Hansen’s 30 year reign of lies and bullying. A couple of weeks ago, Martin Hoerling slammed him with “facts should, and do, matter to some.” 

Harold Brooks said :

“Those who continue to talk in certain terms of how local weather extremes are the result of human climate change are failing to heed all the available evidence.”

Global warming heats up tornado debate – opinion – 07 May 2012 – New Scientist

And now the FEMA director says :

“Well, I’m not a meteorologist. I’m not a climate scientist, and hurricanes are cyclic,” Fugate responded. “I do know history, and if you look at history and you look at hurricane activity, there are periods of increased and decreased activity that occurs over decades,” Fugate said. “Throughout the ‘60s, ‘70s, early ‘80s, up until about ’95, the Atlantic was actually in a period of below-average activity, even though you had significant storms like Andrew, Frederic, and David.”

FEMA Director: Frequency of Tornadoes Cyclical, Won’t Say If Global Warming Involved |

h/t to Marc Morano


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8 Responses to Return Of The Jedi

  1. Sundance says:

    From emails aquired via FOIA from NASA it seems that Hansen’s nurture trick (as in nurturing the myth of unprecedented warming) was common knowledge, and that NASA’s historic high standards had already become a casualty of political activism within NASA.

    Dr. Reto Ruedy of GISS admits in an email that “[The United States Historical Climate Network] data are not routinely kept up-to-date.” In another email, he reveals that NASA had inflated its temperature data since 2000 on a questionable basis. “[NASA’s] assumption that the adjustments made the older data consistent with future data… may not have been correct,” he says. “Indeed, in 490 of the 1057 stations the USHCN data were up to 1C colder than the corresponding GHCN data, in 77 stations the data were the same, and in the remaining 490 stations the USHCN data were warmer than the GHCN data.”

    • gator69 says:

      Very nice… collapsing like a modeled glacier!

      • woodNfish says:

        “NASA’s historic high standards had already become a casualty of political activism within NASA.”

        Sorry, no. I just don’t remember those high standards ever. NASA has been on a downward trend ever since they shut down the moon program. We’d be better off with out them and more SpaceX.

  2. Sundance says:

    Return of the “juandiced eye”

    The link to andy Revkin’s article also has comments from Kerry Emmanuel and here is Kerry’s MIT web page were he proudly displays a graph of his latest torturing of data and models to produce afuture of disaster. It’s funny how when the text of his study shows no human signal for an increase in intense hurricanes associated with warming thus far. That doesn’t stop Kerry from ignoring such inconvenient data to fantasize about “what if” intense hurricanes increase as his imagination sees fit, in order to produce a scary graph to be prominently placed front and center on his MIT web page. I wonder what that cost taxpayers? 🙂

    • Sundance says:

      Return of the brain farter who forgot the link.

    • Sundance says:

      Kerry Emanuel says in the Revkin article, “I see overstatements on all sides. Extreme weather begets extreme views.”

      Well isn’t that special of KE to present himself as the calm rational conservative commenting on the irrational extremism of others? Yet the overstatements and extreme views of others is actually what KE has chosen to model and present in an effort to show extreme climate disaster in the future, is it not?

      This is the kind of stuff that makes me a confusionist I guess. 🙂

  3. NoMoreGore says:

    I hope to God that Inhofe can get Romney in a dark alley somewhere and set him straight. Many Lib GOP are what they are because they didn’t realize the DEMs are truly Psycho. Now that it is becoming more obvious, some have had an epiphany. Let’s hope Romney is one of them.

  4. If those guys are Jedi does that make me an Ewok?

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