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Hansen 1986 : Earth Living Hell By 2001 – And It Is Reagan’s Fault

One Flew Over The Hansen’s Nest St. Joseph Gazette – Jun 16, 1986 St. Joseph Gazette – Google News Archive Search

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World’s Leading Climatologists Predict Drought, Famine And Political Unrest

…. due to global cooling, of course – in 1974

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How To Recognize A Death Threat

This is not a death threat, because it was written by a left wing loon – George Monbiot “Every time someone dies as a result of floods in Bangladesh, an airline executive should be dragged out of his office and … Continue reading

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Connecting The Dots For Jeff Masters

Tropical Storm Beryl lumbered ashore near Jacksonville Beach, Florida at 12:10 am this Memorial Day as an intensifying tropical storm with 70 mph winds. Beryl is only the second named storm to hit on a Memorial Day weekend in the … Continue reading

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1929/1931 Droughts Caused Starvation In Australia And Texas

08 Feb 1929 – BLACKS ARE STARVING OUTBACK REGIONS 20 Jan 1931 – STARVATION IN U.S.A. Serious Drought Situation. …

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Sixty Years Ago This Month : Unprecedented Drought In Australia

14 May 1952 – Drought Spreads Grey Plains Of Death Over Northe…

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Global Cooling In Chicago

Chicago’s hottest day was 109 degrees on July 24, 1934. Chicago’s hottest night was 85 degrees on July 29, 1916. Illinois July temperatures have been on the decline since 1895, and particularly since the 1930s. ILLINOIS Climate Summary  

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National Academy Of Sciences 1975 : Little Doubt Of Global Cooling

National Academy Of Sciences : 1975 “there seems little doubt that the present period of unusual warmth will eventually give way to a time of colder climate, but there is no consensus as to the magnitude or rapidity of the transition. The … Continue reading

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New Study : Sheeple Aren’t Very Smart

“As respondents’ science literacy scores increased, their concern with climate change decreased,” the paper, which was funded by the National Science Foundation, notes.

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Record Bering Sea Ice Causing Big Oil Death Spiral

Heavy ice could delay start of Shell Alaska’s Arctic drilling May 28, 2012 The heaviest polar ice in more than a decade could postpone the start of offshore oil drilling in the Arctic Ocean until the beginning of August, a … Continue reading

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