1933 : Hottest June On Record In The US


Temperatures in the center of the country were twelve degrees above normal, and CO2 was a very safe 310 ppm at the time


No doubt the weather was lovely though outside the US.







ScreenHunter 12 Nov. 28 14.25 Below350.orgScreenHunter 13 Nov. 28 14.25 Below350.org


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1 Response to 1933 : Hottest June On Record In The US

  1. DC Andy says:

    The 1933 US corn crop was well below average. Even though July and August 1933 had normal rain and temperatures, that hot June alone signficantly reduced the crop, more so percentage wise than any US corn crop since 1988.

    Corn crop water needs are realtively low in June, compared to July and August, but June 1933 was hot and dry enough to do significant damage

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