I Survived 25 Degrees Of Climate Change – In Three Hours!

Joe Romm tells us that natural gas will make the planet unlivable.

No doubt we would all be much happier freezing and starving in the dark, but I can personally attest to having survived climate change much greater than even the most mendacious BS which Romm has come up with to date.

When I attended Arizona State University quite a few decades ago, I moved there from the mountains of New Mexico. In a matter of three hours I saw climate change of 25 degrees F.

Granted, it was difficult dealing with all the scarcely clothed coeds, river floats down the Salt River (with scarcely clothed coeds) endless keggers (with scarcely clothed coeds) and after-midnight basketball games in the frat house parking lot. But somehow I managed to survive.

Did I mention that there were a lot of gorgeous women in bikinis? ASU is the university of choice for climate refugees from Illinois and Wisconsin .


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4 Responses to I Survived 25 Degrees Of Climate Change – In Three Hours!

  1. Billy Liar says:

    You could have cut out the cr*p and just gone to spring break!

  2. Marian says:

    “Joe Romm tells us that natural gas will make the planet unlivable.”

    Oh, boy. He’s not up to speed. Would you believe in the EU. Gas has now been reclassified as Green Energy. 🙂

    EU revises Horizon 2020 programme to make gas a green fuel

    Gas has been reclassified as a green source of power by Horizon 2020, an €80bn European Union programme unveiled last year, which could have serious repercussions for the renewable energy industry.

    According to a document seen by the Guardian, a large chunk of these funds that were initially supposed to be injected into the development of renewables, may now be used for the construction of more gas power stations and gas exploitation.


  3. Rosco says:

    I survive a climate which is 10 degrees C above the global average – don’t like the summer humidity though.

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