Millions Of Climate Refugees Headed To Alaska

I have seen the future and it’s dank, dark and dystopian — and it takes place in Alaska. At least in one Oklahoma author’s eyes, it does.

Last year, as a newbie book producer, I commissioned novelist Jim Laughter in Oklahoma to write a book about mankind’s shaky future on this third rock from the sun, and he immediately said yes. The novel, titled “Polar City Red,” is out now, and the entire story, from page one to the final paragraph, belongs to Mr. Laughter. His name is on the book cover, not mine, and all profits, if any, go to him. It’s his book.

Laughter’s “polar Western” is set in the Last Frontier just 60 years from now, and it poses a very important and headline-mirroring question: Will mankind survive the “climapocalypse” coming our way as the Earth heats up over the next few centuries?

In Jim’s book, sea levels rise and millions of “climate refugees” make their way north to Alaska. Think scavenger camps, “Mad Max” villages, and U.N.-administered “polar cities” — cities of domes, as the author calls them

‘Cli fi’ Novel About Global Warming Set in Alaska | Alaska Dispatch

Alaska just had a brutally cold and snowy winter with record sea ice. Global temperatures have declined this century. Climate alarmism draws its life from ignorance and mental illness.

Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs

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3 Responses to Millions Of Climate Refugees Headed To Alaska

  1. DirkH says:

    “Cli Fi”? Misnomer. It’s Climate P0rn.

  2. miked1947 says:

    Climate Fantasy, just like the IPCC reports.

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