More Heat And Drought For The UK

01 June 2012

 Spectators have been advised to bring their umbrellas and waterproofs as the Jubilee river pageant threatens to be a wash-out with heavy downpours and even thunder.

Weather forecasters are predicting up to half an inch of rain on Sunday with temperatures falling to 10C — half the seasonal average for June.

The outlook is for sustained showers on Sunday and throughout the afternoon when up to one million spectators are expected to line the banks of the Thames to watch the Queen’s barge and 1,000 other boats sail from Putney to Tower Bridge.

Diamond Jubilee: Bring your brollies! Clouds over the Royal flotilla as weather refuses to co-operate – UK – News – Evening Standard

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2 Responses to More Heat And Drought For The UK

  1. Brian D says:

    Steve, your 0.23 guess for UAH gonna be close. I give a range of 0.22-0.26 based on my calcs. All this runaway global warming is gonna fry us. LOL!

  2. u.k.(us) says:

    You ain’t seen nuthin, wait for the Olympics 🙂

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