Zimmerman Now Charged With Pay Pal

Never mind that the prosecutor intentionally withheld critical evidence, and trumped up unsustainable murder charges against Zimmerman. Zimmerman is going back to jail for having a Pay Pal account.

A Florida judge on Friday revoked the bail for George Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin case, saying he had misled the court about his finances, and ordered him to present himself to the court within 48 hours.

Prosecutors alleged in a court filing that Zimmerman, 28, hid from the court the fact that he had raised $135,000 on a website he set up before he was granted $150,000 bail on April 20. Zimmerman is facing second-degree murder charges in the shooting death of Martin, 17, in February.

U.S. News – Judge revokes bail for George Zimmerman in Trayvon Martin case

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12 Responses to Zimmerman Now Charged With Pay Pal

  1. GeologyJim says:

    George, the WHITE Latino, must be punished for defending himself against a 19-year old 6’3″ thug drug-seller with gold teeth, – – – – – described by the Lib Media as “an unarmed teenager” – – – – – because George carried a handgun.

    So, how did George end up with a broken nose, paired black eyes, lacerations on the back of his head, and a sound track of him screaming that “I’m gonna die”, while “gentle Travon” winds up with busted knuckles, powder burns on his chest, and one bullet in the heart? Hmmmm, clearly a case of Latino-Blanco hate-crime against Skittles-and-Iced Tea youth-just-commin-home-from-da-store.

    Punk thugs, of any color or ethnicity, deserve to be smacked down for the benefit of CIVILIZED society

    Get over it! All y’all.

    • Trayvon Martin was also suspended from school for having a bag of jewelry and a screw driver. Some will say he used the screw driver to scratch graffiti on the lockers of the unjust school he went too….. others will say he used it to break into houses to accumulate a bag of jewelry.

      Also, Zimmerman had said in his 911 call there was a rash of robberies in the neighborhood. But the media has changed that to make him say there was a rash of burglaries “in the gated community”. He never said that. He said in the neighborhood.

      What happened to George Zimmerman was a media-lynching. He was hung up in the media for all to see. If any group of people should have been sensitive to an injustice being done to a human it should have been blacks. But many jumped into the back of the media lynch pick up and went along for the ride—not taking even one second to think about a thing of what was happening.

  2. bubbagyro says:

    It’s already the second greatest travesty of justice, because of racism. The first was O.J.

  3. Photo of Trayvon Martin used by media was altered:


    America is very sick.

  4. Photos of that night. Zimmerman is quite beat up:


    It is very strange that a televised media in a civilized country did not, not once, ever show the black and white photo among those photos at the link—not even the “fair and balanced” FoxNews. Maybe America is not as civilized as we imagine.

  5. Bloody knuckle on Trayvon Martin’s hands. (angels always end up with bloody knuckles, don’t cha know)

  6. So if Zimmerman is found not guilty will there be riots?

    Also, if Obama loses in November will there be riots?

  7. slimething says:

    Amino; DUH!!

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