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Un-Christian Anti-Science Monitor : Lake Powell To Run Dry In Nine Years

Lakes Powell could run dry by 2021 – CSMonitor.com Lake Powell is 50 feet deeper than it was eight years ago, and is increasingly in depth linearly – despite record releases from the dam last year. Lake Powell Water Database … Continue reading

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1930s Drought Animation

At one time, Hansen talked about the horrific heat and drought of the 1930s, but he has been working hard over the last few years to erase that inconvenient decade. Hansen 1999: Empirical evidence does not lend much support to … Continue reading

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America’s Wind Power Leader Facing Critical Blackouts

Texas led the charge into wind energy, and is now facing blackouts – just when they need the electricity the most. awea.org/learnabout/publications/upload/Texas.pdf The state is facing potential power shortages that could leave you with out electricity this summer and you … Continue reading


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Greenland Surfing Season In Full Swing

Surf’s up Some ice-free water has appeared at the beach, drowning all the local Polar Bears. Hendriks webcam i Tasiilaq

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The Methane Big Lie

The world has enough natural gas to power it for many centuries. The idea of clean, abundant natural gas is terrifying to people who have invested heavily in nearly worthless technologies like solar and wind powered electricity. This has led to idiotic … Continue reading

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Oregonian Observes Out Of Control Global Warming

Global warming ‘hiatus’ in recent years helps spur skepticism | OregonLive.com h/t to GORE LIED

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Man Made Global Warming In Alaska

The ice offshore at Barrow is covered with dirt which has blown off the roads. This causes the ice to melt much faster. Barrow Sea Ice Webcam UHI has caused more than 2C winter warming in Barrow. THE URBAN HEAT … Continue reading

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PIOMAS – Ice Free May By 2040

Even more impressive is that their data shows an ice-free September by 2015 Your tax dollars at work in an American university.  

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Life In The USSR

Obama’s literary agent (who promoted his biography and made him very rich) told everyone from 1991 to April 2007 that Obama was born in Kenya. The press chose to ignore this story until Don Trump got involved, and has now determined that … Continue reading

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DMI’s New Death Spiral Feature

DMI got about a week behind, but is now compensating by showing what ice extent will be two weeks in the future. They have determined (using the latest data from ouijasat) that at mid-month, extent will be the lowest on record. COI | Centre … Continue reading

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