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Anti-Science Warmists Believe That Earth Is 5,000 Years Old

Warming gas levels hit ‘troubling milestone’ Posted: June 1, 2012 – 4:06pm By SETH BORENSTEIN Before the Industrial Age, levels were around 275 parts per million. Warming gas levels hit ‘troubling milestone’ Life evolved on Earth with CO2 levels much higher … Continue reading

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Hansen’s 2009 Super El Nino Forecast

SST_table.gif (587×507)

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NASA’s Amateur Hack Vs. The Professionals

Hansen forecasts a strong El Nino almost every year, because he is desperate to get GISS above zero emissions scenario C. Check out his spectacularly failed ENSO forecast from July, 2011. ESSIC had it almost perfect, while Hansen had it inverted. Summary … Continue reading

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Un-Christian Anti-Science Monitor : Lake Powell To Run Dry In Nine Years

Lakes Powell could run dry by 2021 – CSMonitor.com Lake Powell is 50 feet deeper than it was eight years ago, and is increasingly in depth linearly – despite record releases from the dam last year. Lake Powell Water Database … Continue reading

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1930s Drought Animation

At one time, Hansen talked about the horrific heat and drought of the 1930s, but he has been working hard over the last few years to erase that inconvenient decade. Hansen 1999: Empirical evidence does not lend much support to … Continue reading

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America’s Wind Power Leader Facing Critical Blackouts

Texas led the charge into wind energy, and is now facing blackouts – just when they need the electricity the most. awea.org/learnabout/publications/upload/Texas.pdf The state is facing potential power shortages that could leave you with out electricity this summer and you … Continue reading

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Greenland Surfing Season In Full Swing

Surf’s up Some ice-free water has appeared at the beach, drowning all the local Polar Bears. Hendriks webcam i Tasiilaq

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