Past The Tipping Point Of Sanity

The tiny change in CO2 shown in the red circle at lower right, is what Hansen believes has pushed the planet past an irreversible tipping point.


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8 Responses to Past The Tipping Point Of Sanity

  1. glenncz says:

    What has happened is the weather was perfect at 350 ppm CO2 and now it is almost 400 ppm. So 50 ppm of something in the air switched over to CO2. That 1 in 20,000 molecule has completely ruined our weather, making it hot and unpredictable. That 1 in 20,000 molecules is melting the ice caps and outright killing polar bears and penguins. Not only that, we are in the midst of the 6tth extinction loosing thousands of species. If only we would care enough to switch that one part in 20,000 back to the way it was, then life would be all fine again. We can do it if we care enough. Very smart scientists continue to study this problem.

  2. DC Andy says:

    Much ado about a tiny increase in a trace gas.

  3. Jimbo says:

    There has been a trace rise of the trace gas co2 despite far, far higher levels in the past and now the world will end. Hansen should have studied Geology instead of Astronomy. 😉

  4. Latitude says:

    The same scientists that say it’s our CO2….say that man is responsible for 5% of it

    390 – 280 = 110 X 5% = 5.5 ppm

    …the guilt is killing me

  5. GeologyJim says:

    Jimbo –
    Hansen’s problem is that he’s been studying ASTROLOGY rather than geology.

    The geologic record is quite clear that Earth has experienced/endured/survived far greater extremes in climate, atmospheric composition, oceanic circulation, bolide impacts, draught, rainfall, sea level, etc., etc. than anything experienced during the brief span of Homo sapiens

    People [of the eco-catasprophe inclination] are so totally arrogant about the effect of piddling humanity on the total Earth. The truth [as geologically recorded] is that humans are piss-ant, passing, instantaneous micro-anomalies.

  6. cb says:

    Idiot: 0 to 25.
    Imbecile: 25 to 50
    Moron: 50 to 75.

    Of course Hansen is fully aware of all you have written. He is corrupt. That is how people like Soros accomplished what they have: they empower the corrupt, and so the corrupt become those in charge, over time.

    There is no conspiracy, there are simply people who are worthless… and those who knowingly and willingly are their flunkies.

    But of course you know this: insanity, i.e. complete disregard for future consequences, is one way to describe the flunkies. When their children are dying from the cold because of the EPA and Soros, the masses are going to kill people like Hansen. History is pretty clear on this. It is also pretty clear that Soros et al will walk away, free as birds…

  7. Rosco says:

    Didn’t see the other Astrology reference when I posted – sorry if I seem to be a plagiarist.

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