Un-Christian Anti-Science Monitor : Lake Powell To Run Dry In Nine Years

Lakes Powell could run dry by 2021 – CSMonitor.com

Lake Powell is 50 feet deeper than it was eight years ago, and is increasingly in depth linearly – despite record releases from the dam last year.

Lake Powell Water Database

Last October, CSM warned of the disappearance of Bering Sea ice – right before the Bering Sea set their all time record for most ice.

CSM is considered a responsible publication, because they mindlessly parrot idiotic global warming propaganda.

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6 Responses to Un-Christian Anti-Science Monitor : Lake Powell To Run Dry In Nine Years

  1. DEEBEE says:

    Think that graph perhaps matches peak oil. Since everyone know oil is going to peak, so must the lake.

  2. John B., M.D. says:

    I expect a dip this year due to less snowpack this past winter.
    http://snowpack.water-data.com/uppercolorado/index.php (compare blue line [2012] to red line[2011]).

    • It is already up from last year. Half of the water flowing into Lake Powell normally comes from the Green River, which starts just south of Yellowstone.

      • John B., M.D. says:

        Up from 1 year ago to date, yes.
        Let’s see how it will be at the end of the melt season. This level will also be influenced by the amount of water diverted to Lake Mead, evaporation, precipitation, and water that is used.

  3. gregole says:

    Here’s a thought-provoking blog post on Lakes Mead and Powell:


    As far as I am concerned, the water management of the Colorado River is nothing short of a modern marvel of civil engineering. Under appreciated; won’t last forever; I’m enjoying living in the beautiful desert southwest as long as the good-times hold.

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