More Evidence That Carbon Taxes Work

Julia’s tax has shown immediate benefits to the climate, even before it is in place.

Coldest May in 50 years

h/t to Bill Pounder

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2 Responses to More Evidence That Carbon Taxes Work

  1. Sundance says:

    Gillard needs to impose a new tax that would require a post mortem tax be paid by anyone dying from cold weather as they would be considered guilty by the Gillard government of mocking the government postion on global warming.

  2. Don Gaddes says:

    Colder and Drier, as predicted by Alex S. Gaddes in his book ‘Tomorrow’s Weather’ (1990.) Australia is under the orbital influence of a One Solar/Earth Year ‘Dry’ Cycle, (since January 1st 2012.) Europe and America are currently being affected by the subsequent Two Solar/Earth Year ‘Wet’/Normal Period (Australia 2013 – 14.) An updated version of this work (including ‘Dry’ Cycle forecasts to 2055) is available as a free pdf from
    Steffen and Flannery etc, must be squirming under their doonas. (but they would surely have concocted a Hansen-like excuse or two to blame exponential AGW and continue to ‘snow’ Gillard!)
    Similarly the BoM will continue to advocate ENSO/La Nina as the reason for any precipitation (or lack of,) anywhere, any time. Will Australia win the Olympic Hockey, if they use the AGW stick?!

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