Proof That We Are Doomed

North and South Polar ice extent are both right at 12 million km² and both right at “normal”

Hansen predicted massive ice loss at both poles, particularly in the Ross Sea – which has gained a substantial amount of ice over the last 30 years.




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4 Responses to Proof That We Are Doomed

  1. Latitude says:

    I’ve always felt you can’t look at the extremes, you have to look at May and Nov……

  2. Sundance says:

    If I were a warmista I would use trend lines that looked like DNA spirals instead of straight lines. That way I could point to my graph and say there’s the death spiral and journalists from the NYT, LAT or WAPO would nod like bobble-headed dolls and take me super serial. 🙂

    • Andy DC says:

      Great idea Sundance! I recommend that you submit your proposal to GISS. If you make up some credentials, like being a leading climate scientist from a leading Multinursary like Penn State, you will almost certainly get a huge grant. Who knows, maybe even a Nobel Prize!

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