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Pacific Institute Knows Who Did The Gleick Forgery

WUWT reports that the Pacific Institute has investigated, cleared and reinstated Gleick. http://wattsupwiththat.com/2012/06/06/pacific-institute-reinstates-peter-gleick/ Having done a thorough investigation, they necessarily must know who committed the forgery. It is essential that they either release that information, or admit that their investigation … Continue reading

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Global Warming Hits Montana

Heavy snow in mid-June View webcam We are under a tornado watch here in Colorado.

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Gore : 1% Of Wisconsin Voters Elected Walker Twice

Walker won the election. Crybaby Dems hated having a balanced budget, and called a recall election. Walker won that too. Now Gore says that Walker was elected by 1% of the population. “Our democracy has been hacked, to use a … Continue reading

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If Climate Scientists Continue To Lie At Their Current Pace ….

Perhaps the biggest controversy surrounding the IPCC scenarios is that they omit the rapid melting of the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets in sea-level rise projections.  Several researchers, including Thompson, the polar ice expert from Ohio State University, and James … Continue reading

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University Of Hawaii – Making Everyone Stupid

Flooding The Islands of Hawaii Welcome to our website….  This website explores how rising of sea level would affect the land and people of the islands of Hawaii. The website is composed of four sections. The first section, which is … Continue reading

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1904 : Bruckner’s 35 Year Climate Cycles

Thirty five year climate cycles have been going on for centuries. Climate scientists used to study them, but now they just destroy the data – and try to hide them. melting of the ice becomes alternately earlier and later The … Continue reading

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1901 : Before Climate Science Turned Full Stupid

No one in 1901 would have been stupid enough to predict a permanent drought, because they understood that climate is periodic. The Western Champion and General Advertiser for the Central-Western Districts Monday 30 December 1901 30 Dec 1901 – Drought … Continue reading

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Interpreting Guardian Speak

Wisconsin governor Scott Walker survives bitterly fought recall election | World news | guardian.co.uk Wisconsin’s governor Scott Walker survived a bitterly fought recall election on Tuesday after Republican voters mobilised in huge numbers, propelling him to a victory that will … Continue reading

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Barry’s California Hockey Stick

When the Three Stooges (Barry, Harry and Nancy) took over Congress in November, 2006 – California unemployment was at a 20 year low. It has almost tripled since they promised to change America.

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PIOMAS – Ice Free June In 18 Years

In the world of climate science, monkeys can also fly out of Nobel Prize winner’s asses.

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