Barry’s California Hockey Stick

When the Three Stooges (Barry, Harry and Nancy) took over Congress in November, 2006 – California unemployment was at a 20 year low. It has almost tripled since they promised to change America.


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7 Responses to Barry’s California Hockey Stick

  1. Dave N says:

    They changed it alright..

  2. NoMoreGore says:

    It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood….

    Walker SPANKED the Libs.

    One state at a time, baby.

  3. Eric Simpson says:

    But… Jerry Brown is Succeeding!
    Gov Brown has bumbled his way into a $16 billion budget shortfall, while continuing essentially business as usual, cozying up to the public unions and teachers union, and pushing hard for the $67 billion superfluous SF to LA rail boondoggle.
    There is a growing feeling that CA is hostile to business and success. And yet, at a time of economic distress, when businesses are leaving the state en masse, Brown remains obdurate in his insistence on continuing with the insanely destructive and idiotically pointless cap & trade program. Further, Brown is calling for even more surtaxes on the wealthy. If Brown’s goal is to send a clarion signal to the affluent job creators to stay out, or get out, he is succeeding.

  4. Andy DC says:

    Well, at least Barry brought hope, even if all the change was negative. At least he printed out more money than any other President in history.

  5. Sundance says:

    Don’t forget to credit the RINOnator who has now joined Sustania to promote agenda 21.

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