America’s Most Extreme Weather Occurred Below 320 PPM CO2

Deadliest US Hurricane  1900
Most Intense US Hurricane   1935
Costliest US Hurricane (adjusted for inflation and population)   1926
Deadliest US Tornado 1925
Second Deadliest US Tornado  1840
Worst US Fire (deaths) 1871
Most US Acreage burned  1910
Deadliest US Flood  1889
Worst US Drought  1934
Worst US Heatwave (extent of 110 degree or greater tempeatures)  1936
Deadliest US blizzard  1888
Worst US Coldwave (extent of subzero F temperatures) 1899

h/t to Andy DC


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4 Responses to America’s Most Extreme Weather Occurred Below 320 PPM CO2

  1. Sleepalot says:

    Could probably add “worst heat wave (deaths)”, too.

  2. Ockham says:

    It would be handy to have references/links to sources for these stats … for refuting the terminally stupid warm-mongers.

  3. Andy Oz says:

    You guys up north need to look out for alligators movin in to New York! In Oz it’s croc vacation time. They are heading south now they know that gun control laws in Australia protects them. Alarmists say its because of CO2.

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