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Proof That US Heatwaves And Droughts Are Getting More Intense

Almost half of the lower 48 states set their all-time high temperature record during the 1930s. h/t to Joe D’Aleo During the 1930s and 1950s, more than half of the US was experiencing severe drought. http://www.ogc.doc.gov/ Hansen is working hard … Continue reading

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New Pacific Institute Billboard

California’s most famous resident gives PI the thumbs up, for their high ethical standards. Disclaimer : I didn’t create the fake billboard above. Someone gave it to me. I don’t really remember the details, but I investigated myself and have determined that … Continue reading

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One Thermometer Phil

HadCRUT shows detailed global temperatures going back to 1850. CRU Information Sheet no. 1: Global Temperature Record The magical thing about this graph, is that in the HadCRUT database, they only have records from one land based station in the … Continue reading

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A Soon To Be Endangered Species : The Yellow Spotted Cherry Picker

Every month, the Earth has yellow (warm) spots and purple (cold) spots.  It has been like that for billions of years. Every month, some of our friends at NOAA and Weather Underground and Climate Progress find the yellow spots and declare … Continue reading

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The “New Normal” : Lie About Everything

May 2011, brought the Joplin tornado. We were told at the time that was the new normal. No Tornado Deaths in May 2012 Jun 7th, 2012 | By Harold Brooks | Category:  U.S. Severe Weather Blog  In May 2012, there … Continue reading

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Connect The Dots : They Are All Crooks

Pacific Institute, Climategate, 2035 Himalayas, Manhattan underwater, Data tampering, Hockey Stick ……. $100 billion per year industry

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Met Office : Wintry Conditions Threaten Wimbledon

The Met Office warned the wintry conditions may last until the end of the month, threatening major events including Wimbledon and the Henley Rowing regatta. The only good news is that millions of households are to have hosepipe bans lifted … Continue reading

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