Ehrlich – Repeating The Same Crap Since Nixon Was President

The Australian Women’s Weekly Wednesday 28 July 1971

Extinction warning: Dr. Paul Ehrlich says man is destroying the world. Too many people, and too much pollution. Scientist Dr. Paul Ehrlich warns: Do something about it, because man is on THE ROAD TO EXTINCTION.

SOMEONE once asked Dr. Paul Ehrlich if he wasn’t a bit of an alarmist. “I certainly am,” he replied. “After all, I’m alarmed.”


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6 Responses to Ehrlich – Repeating The Same Crap Since Nixon Was President

  1. DirkH says:

    Oh, Ehrlich as a young crackpot. I only know him as an old crackpot.

  2. ralphcramdo says:

    This more than sums up where mankind is headed

  3. GeologyJim says:

    As a California youth in the 1960s, I tended to endorse the Ehrlich overpopulation thingie.

    Then I graduated, got a job, got a family, and lived in the REAL WORLD where it was clear Ehrlich had never set foot. My career in geology taught me to look at much longer timespans, and incrementally Ehrlich was exposed as a doofus alarmist.

    Just amazing that his flawed analysis continues to influence further generations of young minds.

    Humans just seem predisposed to act on alarmist rhetoric, rather than dull old rational analysis

  4. If there is a market, why change the product?

  5. nzrobin says:

    Recommend you take a look at ‘Merchants of Despair’ by Robert Zubrin. An excellent analysis of this ‘anti-humanism’ thing.

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