Gore Effect Arrives In Brazil Ahead Of Rio+20

June, 08.06.2012

The dawn on Friday was not only exceptionally cold, but also historical. Records were established until a century, rewriting the climatology of the Rio Grande do Sul Towers with amazing -0.2 º C recorded in June to the lowest mark since the start of observations in 1913. In Cruz Alta , the minimum of -4.3 ° C was the lowest in June since the distant 1916, when she -4.5 º C. In Step Fund , the hallmark of this sixth of -2.3 º C was the lowest for the month since June 28, 1931, when the temperature in the city of the Middle Plateau was -3.5 º C.

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h/t to Marc Morano

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8 Responses to Gore Effect Arrives In Brazil Ahead Of Rio+20

  1. Andy DC says:

    Christchurch, New Zealand recently had snow and their coldest day on record. Australia also recent record cold. Global Weirding rules in the Southern Hemisphere!

  2. brian lemon says:

    Don’t worry – Jim Hansen will adjust the official temps to agree with his models

  3. Viktor says:

    Hello from Brazil! The cold part at south, Brrrrrrazil. But just a correction: The cities names was translated to english. The correct names are “Torres” and not “Towers”, and “Passo Fundo”, not “Step Fund”. This dont change nothing. Is cold here. Very cold, with temperature yesterday going to -8,2C ans termic sensation beyond -15C in the state of Santa Catarina. Greetings!

    • Most of the people I work with are in Brazil. How is the holiday weekend going?

      • Viktor says:

        Dear and “bravo” Steven, metsul.com is the channel to know about weather and climate in south of Brazil. I have extreme consideration and trust in THIS team. They really make a good job. A job that remind your work here, recovering the past climate and showing to the peoples that nothing is “unprecedent”. The cold snap is going. You can see some updated pics here: http://www.metsul.com/blog2012

    • Eric Simpson says:

      “This dont change nothing. Is cold here.”

      Yes, virtually wherever you are, you go outside and it’s cold, or just normal. While there have been a few record hot temps in a few select spots, we’ve seen record cold temperatures all over the place all the time it seems. The cherry picking data manipulating mistruthing warmist bullshitters and their liberal media allies try to win by being the squeaky wheel, but lets hope that they get the grease.

      • DirkH says:

        During the release of An Inconvenient Truth, the NYT stock quote was at 25 USD.
        They are now at 6.72 USD and leaking 50 million a year in operative losses.
        Remaining market cap is 988 mill USD.

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