North Carolina Group – Fighting Their Way Through A Mob Of Morons

The N.C. Coastal Resources Commission issued a report warning of one metre sea level rise this century. This estimate is completely out of line with a recent study which reported that sea level is rising 1.8 mm/year, and that 0.7mm of that is due to groundwater extraction.

So North Carolinans are fighting back against their morons in government, demanding that only actual data is used – rather than the hysterical hallucinations of government employees.

This effort has brought great ridicule to the sane people in the discussion, because the press now believes that actual measured data is superseded by Hansen’s spectacularly failed computer models.

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2 Responses to North Carolina Group – Fighting Their Way Through A Mob Of Morons

  1. daveburton says:

    Thanks for your coverage of this, Steve!

    Here’s an example of the ridicule you’re talking about. It’s a “Green Grok” blog article by the Dean of the Duke U. Nicholas School of the Environment:

    The Duke U. Nicholas School had a representative go down to the NC State Legislature to testify against the bill in Committee, testimony that was remarkably blatant in its misrepresentation of the science.

    This was my reply to that blog article. Since it was too long for their 275 word limit, I put it on my web server and posted this link. Unfortunately, the folks in charge of Duke U’s “Green Grok” blog seem to have rejected/deleted my reply:

    Steve, if you would like an article submission or two from someone in the midst of this fracas, please drop me an email. (My address is at the end of my Green Grok reply.)

  2. suyts says:

    Steve, thanks for articulating this. I think this is another spot to hammer these lunatics with.

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