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A Modern Day Prophet In Our Midst

This man warns that the world has become degenerate, depraved and corrupt consumers of fossil fuels (not to mention the fornication of penguins) and that we are going to drown in a great flood as a result of our failure to heed him and … Continue reading

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Ehrlich – Repeating The Same Crap Since Nixon Was President

The Australian Women’s Weekly Wednesday 28 July 1971 Extinction warning: Dr. Paul Ehrlich says man is destroying the world. Too many people, and too much pollution. Scientist Dr. Paul Ehrlich warns: Do something about it, because man is on THE ROAD TO EXTINCTION. … Continue reading

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1897 : Worldwide Drought And Crop Failure – Earth Doomed

The Inquirer & Commercial News Perth Friday 1 January 1897 01 Jan 1897 – THE WORLD’S HARVEST FAILURES.

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1924 : Top Scientists – Earth Doomed

MOTHER EARTH DOOMED. WHAT WILL THE END BE? one of these catastrophes will surely happen and perhaps in your own lifetime? Professor Ernest Brennecke in a recent paper, tells us it is the firmest conviction of a group of serious scientists of established reputation, who … Continue reading

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Ninety Years Of Declining Temperatures In The Midwest

Government experts tell us that the warm spring in the midwest is proof of global warming. Besides the fact that they are talking about less than 1% of the planet, temperatures in the midwest have been declining for the past 90 years, with … Continue reading

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Government Scientists Add Half A Degree, Then Claim That Temperatures Are Above Average

Globally, NOAA reported in May that the average temperature in April was 1.17 degrees warmer than the average from the past century, making it the fifth-warmest April since at least 1880. It was the 326th consecutive month that global temperatures exceeded … Continue reading

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Joe Bastardi Responds To CNN Hysterics

This article http://edition.cnn.com/2012/06/08/us/record-warmth/index.html is pure rubbish  as the  disconnect  between temp and co2, (upper left)  the last  3 years  since pdo  flip (upper right) the  ocean/temp  correlation  (lower left)  and  solar/temp correlation show Like most of the deception with the … Continue reading

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