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Sydney : June 3 Twenty Degrees Colder Than 1923

It was 60F in Sydney on June 3, 2012. On June 3, 1923 it was 80F. History | Weather Underground

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118 Degrees In NSW At 305 PPM CO2

24 Jan 1912 – RECORD HEAT.

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EPA Caught Lying To Kids – Using Taxpayer Money

Is the EPA stupid, criminal, or both? Thawing Permafrost Permafrost refers to a layer of soil or rock that is frozen all year round. Permafrost is found throughout much of Alaska, parts of Canada, and other countries in the far … Continue reading

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Another Cool Day In Antarctica – Feels Like Minus 111 Degrees

Romm says that Antarctica is rapidly melting, at 143 degrees below the freezing point. Weather Forecast Vostok, Antarctica | Vostok Weather | Wunderground

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1952 : Arctic Melts – Polar Bears Move To Frozen Washington DC

18 Feb 1952 – RAPID MELTING OF POLAR CAPS CLEVELAND, Sunday. 16 Aug 1953 – FEATURES This Is What Science

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Cold Weather Threatens Swedish Reindeer With Extinction

Sweden’s reindeer population is on the verge of extinction – because it’s too cold for them.  The beasts – famous for their survival in Arctic conditions – have been struggling to find food on their mountainside habitats which are still … Continue reading

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NCAR Builds Climate Computer In Wyoming – To Avoid Colorado Green Energy Prices

Electricity is very expensive in Colorado because of green energy regulations, so NCAR is building their latest climate supercomputer in Wyoming. New Wyoming supercomputer expected to boost atmospheric science The National Center for Atmospheric Research’s machine is one of the fastest computers … Continue reading

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