Another Cool Day In Antarctica – Feels Like Minus 111 Degrees

Romm says that Antarctica is rapidly melting, at 143 degrees below the freezing point.

Weather Forecast Vostok, Antarctica | Vostok Weather | Wunderground

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9 Responses to Another Cool Day In Antarctica – Feels Like Minus 111 Degrees

  1. Jean-Paul says:

    Send Romm to Vostok, Antarctica. So he can take a deep look at the polar warming. And never come back.

  2. Eric Simpson says:

    “Feels like -111°F”, but there is 7mph wind per the link. Wiki: “As the air temperature falls, the chilling effect of any wind that is present increases.” I plugged in the numbers to a windchill calculator, and the highest (warmest) of two values (different calculation methods) was -138°f.

    SO… it seems it should read more like: feels like minus 138°F. Now that feels cold.

    • Billy Liar says:

      You forgot that the windchill calculator is for air at sea level air density. At 11,220ft, the air is so thin it doesn’t chill anywhere near as much. None of the windchill calculators I could find on the internet take account of the density of the air.

      • Eric Simpson says:

        Notice that I took the warmest of two values to leave margin for error. The elevation has to make perhaps only a marginal difference. I’ve been up at altitude with the wind blowing, and it’s cold. So windchilll works wherever. Anyway, my main point is that it should feel like some degrees colder; nice to have a consensus on an exact calculator, though. Good that you tired to find such a calculator, anyway.

      • Billy Liar says:

        Eric, I have to admit that I am assuming that feeling cold is a response to the rate of removal of heat from the skin. If that is the case, then less dense air will remove less heat (works for air-cooled aero engines – cooling becomes more problematic with altitude).

  3. Andy DC says:

    But when the missing super duper El Nino heat comes bubbling up under the ice cap, we are still all doomed!

  4. Ross Handsaker says:

    It is also cold at Australia’s Mawson Base in Antarctica. For the first 10 days of June the average max. temperature has been minus 20.6C and average min. temperature minus 28.1C This compares with average temperatures for June: max.- minus 13.5C
    min.- minus 19.5C
    That is, the average maximum temperature for June this year is colder than the long-term average minimum temperature!!

  5. Andyj says:

    Oh, while I’m here. C02 freezes at 109F at sea level! I wonder about 11,000′

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