Springtime Temperatures In Washington State Dropping 17 Degrees Per Century

Over the last 20 years, springtime temperatures in Washington State have fallen more than three degrees.

WASHINGTON Climate Summary

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3 Responses to Springtime Temperatures In Washington State Dropping 17 Degrees Per Century

  1. Brian D says:

    Since 1976, MN Springs show no trend(-0.01F).

    In fact, MN Winters are showing a declining trend of -0.18F since 1987.

    Going a little further, MN shows no trend in Summer temps starting in 1918 (0.01F).
    Fall shows an insignificant trend of 0.05F since 1920.

    So, yes, are winters and springs did warm some, which is good. But they are not continuing on that path, as seen above. Why would we want to go back to winters of old, when they were so brutally cold. Energy consumption was a lot more and life can be quite miserable. Unfortunately, history repeats itself, as Steve is so fond of showing.

  2. Traitor In Chief says:

    This spring has been particularly cool. Seems we’re running 5-7 under. Hoping for the forecast Joe Bastardi suggested next winter. 2010 was really nice. But cooling overall since 2008.

  3. timg56 says:

    So far the average high temp for June here in Seattle has been between 5 – 11 degrees below normal. Here we are in the longest days of the year and it is tough to enjoy them when it is 51 degrees F and rainy. I’ve been able to sit outside and enjoy a cigar exactly twice this spring.

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