Another Candidate For Clueless Journalist Of The Day

I thought David Appell had it sewn up when he declared that Nicholas Drapela deserved to be fired, and then admitted that he didn’t know why (or if) he was fired.

But along comes Dennis Bromage with one of the stupidest Polar Bear stories ever.

Looks bad, eh? The next picture shows that they are actually on about 50% concentration ice, ideal for hunting.

global warming causes ice sheet to break up

No Dennis, that is called summer, it happens every year. Then he goes on with this unbelievable tripe.

Dennis, who was only ten feet away from the bears on a boat, said: “Their main sources of food are out to sea.

Starving … break up of ice means family can’t reach food

“If forced ashore, they will starve for the summer because there is just nothing for them to eat.

Global warming is un-bear-able for polar bears stranded on ice 

Let’s get this straight. The bears are right where they need to be to get food, and that is bad. If they weren’t there, that would also be bad. No matter where they are, that is bad.

“The ice is breaking up earlier and earlier every year. But the bears will cling on to the ice for as long as they can.”

Complete BS. In 1922, the water around Svalbard never froze all winter, and there weren’t any seals for the bears to eat. There is more ice there now than there was 90 years ago.

Hudson Bay bears go 3-4 months every summer without ice, and their population is booming. It is time to stop lying about Polar Bears, who’s population is at record high numbers.

h/t to Marc Morano

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18 Responses to Another Candidate For Clueless Journalist Of The Day

  1. brian lemon says:

    Another moron… Solid Ice means no seals – see, they are mammals air-breathing and they will go where they can find air – which means broken ice. PBs catch and eat them in open water, not on the ice. As stupid as the study that showed that “trees in the arctic” are growing faster and further north. The arctic is defined by the tree line – where trees grow and they don’t move a 100 yards over in a season… None of these turkeys have been in the arctic, I have and they’re idiots.

  2. The global warming “catastrophe is happening now” stories are pretty pathetic aren’t they? It’s a desperate clutching at straws. Of course, it’s not so easy to dismiss claims of future catastrophes, but something is very wrong when advocates want us to believe it has already happened or is happening. There is some kind of mental disconnect going on.

  3. kirkmyers says:

    Polar bears are excellent swimmers and can paddle long distances. They’ve become so numerous in some Inuit towns that villagers don’t have to travel far during hunting season to bag their bear.

    The scare stories about the plight of the polar bear may frighten kindergarteners and gullible parents, but they are laughed at by most polar experts not addicted to government handouts.

  4. gregole says:

    These people don’t seem too concerned:

    Seems like the far north, the polar bears, etc are doing just fine.

  5. Marian says:

    Doesn’t the first photo look, well, err. Rather photoshopped to me?

    How to de-ice the Arctic. Paint by numbers via photoshop. 🙂

  6. Eric Simpson says:

    “The next picture shows that they are actually on about 50% concentration ice, ideal for hunting.”

    You can hunt them? I thought that was outlawed after the warmist-supported Coca-Cola campaigns making the pbear out to be cuddly teddy bears, not as they actually are: vicious maneaters and bloodthirsty cannibals ( Their population certainly has ballooned in the last decades; they are running rampant, so let’s fire up our pickups and head up there! But, I was thinking that perhaps such a concentration of ice might actually make it hard to get there, and hence, not ideal for hunting.

  7. tckev says:

    “Dennis, who was only ten feet away from the bears on a boat, said: “Their main sources of food are out to sea.”
    Oh no, if that bear was hungry and you were 10 feet away you’d be lunch.

  8. scizzorbill says:

    These grant sucking dweebs are relentless. The amount of bull scat emanating from their pie hole is endless. When the $$ dries up, this will cease to be a factor. I’m not holding my breath.

  9. timg56 says:

    You guys realize this is a tabloid, right? Not exactly known for hard news. They call it tabloid journalism for a reason – that being having a good grasp of the facts is not considered necessary to running a story.

    The unfortunate part is that because these type of publications make money, in large part because they are entertaining, mainstream journalism seems to be adopting this model.

  10. Arthur Norton says:

    “…who’s population is…” should read “…whose population is…”

  11. Doug Proctor says:

    Polar bears go three or four months WITHOUT EATING, which they can’t do because there is no ice and no way for them to get to the seals.

    There’s the rub: if the ice is out too long, they go beyond their current “normal” period of not eating. According to the biologists out of Churchill, Manitoba, where they gather in August/September, waiting for ice on the Churchill River to form before they head back north to their sea-ice jump-off point, the bears are now 18 kg lighter than they used to be, because of not-eating longer. Hmm.

    A polar bear is a large animal. An 18kg difference may or may not be significant. They are not protein deficient, however, and continue not to eat dogs roaming around Churchill, so they are not really hungry. They need the seals for fat, both for fuel and for temperature control.

    I was there in the summer of ’09, and saw the polar bears. No suggestion that they are declining in numbers, according to the hunters, both white and native.

    But your inferrence about sea-ice and the bears is off-base. It doesn’t mean they are eating when there is no sea ice.

  12. swemson speaks says:

    Polar bears really have it rough in the summer!

    fs (lol)

  13. Nojunkmail says:

    There is absolutely no truth to man made global warming. The earth cools and warms naturally during normal cycles. When I was a kid, they were screaming global cooling and we were heading into a mini ice age. These idiots even built a Biosephere, a self containing ecosystem to live in. If polar bears are starving, its because environmental terrorists are up there scaring their food source away.

  14. Benjamin Works says:

    Why not hit WWF and the other polar bear liars with RICO and wlre fraud indictments??? They are raising funds on these spurious assertions.

  15. John says:

    erm, actually Steven Dennis is not a journalist and would never claim to be an expert on global warming. He is however a rising star in the world of photography who I am lucky enough to know personally. Feel free to have your own opinions on global warming, after all it is a free world. But I suggest you bother to find out the real story behind news items before engaging gob. Idiot

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