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GISS 2006 : Australian Temperatures About The Same As The 1880s

As of 2006, Hansen was showing that Australia’s hottest year was 1914, and that current temperatures are about the same as they were during the 1880s. ftp://ftp.giss.nasa.gov/pub/gistemp/netcdf/calannual-1880-2005.nc

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Antarctic Temperature Drops Below The Freezing Point Of CO2

Weather Forecast Vostok, Antarctica | Vostok Weather | Wunderground This does not mean that dry ice will accumulate, because the low partial pressure of CO2 in the air means that frozen CO2 molecules will sublimate at an average rate as fast … Continue reading

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Buried Treasure

A tip by Juergen Uhlemann led me to this. As of 2006, Hansen showed that essentially all Arctic warming occurred prior to 1940, with a dip during the 1970s. ftp://ftp.giss.nasa.gov/pub/gistemp/netcdf/ Hansen’s original data agreed with the newspaper reports I have been printing. What … Continue reading

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