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Climate Magic From Phil

Phil Jones has readings from exactly one thermometer in the southern hemisphere during 1850, and is still able to report the 1850 southern hemisphere anomaly within a precision of 0.001 degrees. http://www.cru.uea.ac.uk/cru/data/temperature/crutem3vsh.txt

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New York Times Hopes That You Are An Idiot – Or Less Than 50 Years Old

If those New England seasons feel far warmer these days than they were 20 years ago, it’s because they are. So are Florida’s, Arizona’s, and Washington State’s. A State-by-State Climate Map – NYTimes.com According to GISS 2006, Florida is cooler … Continue reading

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Archive Any Interesting Data

One of the things we have learned about GISS is that they overwrite data in place. For example, there have been several radically different versions of the Reykjavik temperature data already this year. They have blocked access to data archiving engines … Continue reading

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Kinder, Gentler Fires – Without Human Interference In The Climate

The Big Blowup of 1910 The winter and spring of 1910 were dry, uncommonly dry, in the Pacific Northwest, especially the interior portions east of the Cascades. The snow did not fall; then the rain did not fall. The temperatures … Continue reading

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The Old Normal – Massive Forest Fires

Ivan sent these over. OCTOBER 7, 1825 The Miramichi Fire – Maine & NB 3 million acres burned and 160 people killed. 1845 The Great Fire – Oregon 1.5 million acres burned 1853 The Yaquina Fire – Oregon 450,000 acres … Continue reading

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Global Warming In Fort Collins

The Fort Collins weather station has been one of the most stable stations on the planet. It hasn’t moved and has used the same equipment for its entire history. The station shows several degrees warming over the last 100 years. … Continue reading

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The New Norm : Neurotic Global Warming BS

These people need psychological help. Is the Colorado Wildfire the Future Norm? The Colorado fires feature “a lot of the characteristics we would expect under climate change,” according to climate scientists. Total BS. Fires don’t know anything about climate change. … Continue reading

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North Carolina Senate Passes Anti-Nutcase Bill – AP Immediately Lies About It

By Allen Reed The Associated Press © June 12, 2012 The North Carolina Senate has approved a bill that ignores scientists’ warnings of rising sea levels.   Senators approved the bill on a 34-to-11 vote Tuesday. The measure received little … Continue reading

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