New York Times Hopes That You Are An Idiot – Or Less Than 50 Years Old

If those New England seasons feel far warmer these days than they were 20 years ago, it’s because they are. So are Florida’s, Arizona’s, and Washington State’s.

A State-by-State Climate Map –

According to GISS 2006, Florida is cooler than it was in the 1930s and the 1880s.

According to CRU, Washington State was warmer in the 1850s.

Arizona has shown no change. for 100 years.

Maine was warmer in the 1870s

h/t to Marc Morano


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6 Responses to New York Times Hopes That You Are An Idiot – Or Less Than 50 Years Old

  1. Andy DC says:

    It is amazing how they obliterate the warm 1930’s as well as the cold 1960-80 period. That completely tips their hand as far as corrupting the data. Arizona is the fastest warming state? I suppose that means that Phoenix is the fastest growing urban heat island. Or has the most new asphalt and concrete constructed next to its weather station.

  2. dmmcmah says:

    Only a few fanatical nutjobs pay attention to climate change articles in the NY Times. If its any consolation, Google Insights show searches for the term “climate change” in the US are about a quarter what they were at the peak in December 2009:

    Global warming fares even worse at 9% of the peak from 2007:

    People have other things on their minds, and Romm and Andy Revkin are playing to smaller and smaller audiences. If Bastardi is right and next winter is a relatively cold one that will help put the nail in the coffin to this nonsense.

    • Eric Simpson says:

      Hi dmmcmah. A slight reservation about the search data. You see a spike during the second half of 2009 caused by Climategate and some other matters. 2011 – 12 is lower, but, real ballpark approximation: by maybe only 50% then 2007 – 08. Point: this horse isn’t dead yet, so we need to keep beating it. Interesting, though, if you can see search increases for “climate change hoax” and the like.
      Also, a cold winter is probable, but our case shouldn’t be dependent on that. This is a natural cycle. We are coming out of the Little Ice Age. There should be warming. The fact that it’s cooling just completely blows the “global warming” argument out of the water. Oh wait… it’s climate change. I guess we’re in trouble, no matter what happens.

  3. Jean-Paul says:

    “Put the nail in the coffin of this nonsense”… for the average person. But not for the IPCC, not for the UN, not for Obama, not for the European Union politicians, not for Julia Gillard and her ilk, not for The Team or for any of the very large numbers of avid profiteers that live thanks to our money.

  4. gregole says:

    Reality check from here in sunny Arizona: It hasn’t been getting hotter; yes it is a desert, yes we have hot dry summers; but there is no detectable trend. I garden every year, I get out in the wonderful outdoors and I track the seasons. It is not getting hotter – it was hotter in the ’90s.

    This year has been glorious – I think it was the best spring weather since I’ve been out here (1995). My garden is gone wild. My forecast is for what I call a California Summer, starts cool and goes on through October. Fine by me. I hope for at least a couple of big dust storms and an active monsoon season – the lightning is cool.

    I remember California in the ’70s, the heavy rains, the floods in the foothills and the seemingly never ending media drumbeat of immanent ice-age and then I spent time in Germany in the military and dog-gone it was cold and snowy.

    Climate is cyclical. The rent-seekers and free-riders will say anything for a free lunch, but there is no crisis in the climate. Just hype. All man-made hype.

  5. NoFreeWind says:

    Something happened to these US temps since 1999.
    Here is Hansen, the keeper of US temp’s and father of global warming in 1999 trying to explain why US temperature were lower in 1999 than in the 1930’s. By almost .5C
    Then go here and chart the data as it currently stands. Plug in Annual and from 1895 to 1999.
    Now in the new, improved version of US temps, 1999 is 3F higher than 1895, and higher than the 1930’s. So somehow things got adjusted about 2F UP!
    Now plug 1999-2011 into that NCDC site, and you’ll find 2011 about 1F lower than 1999. So
    if you join the 1999 Hansen chart with the 1999-2011 NCDC chart, you end up with 2011 being about as warm as 1895 and a full 1C cooler than the 1930’s.

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