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1938 : A Forest Fire Every Three Minutes In The US


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Polar Bear Triplets Are A Thing Of The Past

2007 : Dr Stirling says that the phenomenon of a female giving birth to triplets is now part of history with usually only single cubs recorded. Soon, he says, the species may be extinct. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/ 2010 : sightings from guides this summer included surprisingly “frequent sightings of polar … Continue reading

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Climate Central Scaremongering To Increase As Research Budgets Get Cut

Wildfires in Western U.S. to Increase with Climate Change Large fires in the western U.S. — such as those currently raging in Colorado and New Mexico – may be part of a shifting pattern of wildfire risk brought on by … Continue reading

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Scam of The Week – Claim That Forest Fires Are Unprecedented

The latest hysteria from the press is to claim that the forest fires in the west are unprecedented. (The most newsworthy one is about three miles from my house.) Forest fires happen. They are an essential part of the forest … Continue reading

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Temperatures Trending Below Hansen’s Zero Emissions Scenario For 168 Months In A Row

According to Hansen’s own data, global temperature trends have been running below his scenario C for the last 168 months in a row. Scenario C assumes that humans essentially quit generating CO2 in the year 2000. In a legitimate science, this would … Continue reading

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Yet Another Study Wasting Taxpayers Dollars On Global Warming Propaganda

Mass migration towards poles has begun: new Science metastudy shows species move on average 17.6 kilometres per decade Posted on August 19, 2011 by Rolf Schuttenhelm Today new climate migration insights were published in Science. They show the process is … Continue reading

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Ten Degrees Of UHI Tonight

I’m just back from a UHI bike ride at 11pm. It was 60 degrees in the Safeway parking lot and 50 degrees in the open space on the opposite side of the intersection. Weather is calm, and overcast with either … Continue reading

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