Yet Another Study Wasting Taxpayers Dollars On Global Warming Propaganda

Mass migration towards poles has begun: new Science metastudy shows species move on average 17.6 kilometres per decade

Posted on August 19, 2011 by Rolf Schuttenhelm

Today new climate migration insights were published in Science. They show the process is happing three times as fast as an older (2003) Science metastudy had predicted and close to the actual latitudinal speed of climate change over the last decades in Europe and North America.


In mountainous areas species respond to climate change by moving upslope. Over the last 40 years this has happened at an average speed of 12.2 meters per decade. [In mountains the median migration speed is 11.0 meters per decade, the median latitudinal speed is 16.9 kilometers.]

Mass migration towards poles has begun: new Science metastudy shows species move on average 17.6 kilometres per decade | Bits of Science

It is well established that the Northern Hemisphere was very cold during the 1970s. Why is it necessary for the government to keep wasting billions of dollars repeating the same cherry picked study over and over and over again?

Why doesn’t someone do an honest study – which starts in the 1940s? We see 1970s cherry picking in almost every single study coming out now. It is worse than intentionally deceptive, as it is intended to defraud the reader into drawing a wrong conclusion which the larger data set does not support.

Data.GISS: GISS Surface Temperature Analysis

h/t to lazarus

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13 Responses to Yet Another Study Wasting Taxpayers Dollars On Global Warming Propaganda

  1. Rob says:

    It’s time for geo-engineering. We must build taller mountains and expand the poles north and south.

  2. brian says:

    Different people telling the same story.


  3. brian lemon says:

    When will everyone come to the conclusion that if the science is settled then no further research and no more studies are needed. All the climate scientists, all their PR people, all their blogs, all their administrators can be layed off, their office and lab space can be vacated, frequent flyer points cashed in and the money spent on adaptation.

  4. Lance says:

    Well, let me tell ya….
    Started my job career in the High Arctic (80 degrees North).
    Left the weather service and worked in the ‘dirt oil’ Capitial of the world.
    Moved to just south of Calgary for the past 25 years….
    and when i retire, I hope to be in Phoenix…indeed mass migration ….SOUTH….

  5. That would make a good billboard.

    How do normal people draw a line: Peak to peak.

    How do climate scientists draw a line: Trough to 1998’s peak.

  6. Andy DC says:

    I thought in science you are supposed to fit your conclusion to the data, not your data to fit your preconceived conclusion.

    • klem says:

      Oh no no how silly of you, that’s old school science. They haven’t been doing that since the days of Richard Feynman. That methodology was a recipe for poverty, this is the 21st century after all.

  7. johnmcguire says:

    When I look at any of the temperature statements by any of the government organizations I immediately wonder what the true temperature record is. Sad , but the saying that you just can’t trust government is true.

  8. Lazarus says:

    Steve, do you have any links to suitable data from as far back as the 1940 to support your beliefs?

    • Instead of reacting on your pathetic little blog, you should actually read this one.

      Click to access mwr-050-11-0589a.pdf

    • Ben says:

      I have to go with Lazarus on this one. The stumps they keep finding under glaciers indicate mass migration started long ago, right Laz? Pretty soon plants will once again be where they were before, right Laz?

      I just can’t figure out how they got there before, since it’s never been this warm in many millenia, yet the stumps are dated much younger than the previous warm period, which means they grew right underneath all that ice, then died, right Laz?

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