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See The Devastation For Yourself

The super-duper 50,000 acre mega-fire of 2012, which our greenie friends are hysterical about. Over 100 houses were lost, because some people like to build wood houses in the middle of a forest which naturally burns about once every twenty … Continue reading

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Linking Hurricanes With Global Warming And CO2

Hurricane Andrew hit Florida in August 1992, and was the last category five hurricane to hit the US. CO2 was just barely over 350 ppm at the time. It has been almost seven years since a major hurricane hit the US, the … Continue reading

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Kaiser Permanente : Global Warming To Destroy Humanity

As [Kaiser’s Environmental Stewardship Officer Kathy] Gerwig put it, “there’s credible evidence of significant climate change that will impact our ability to provide quality health care.” She laid out four broad categories of the health effects: Severe weather: Hurricanes, wildfires, floods, … Continue reading


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Joe Bastardi Explains The Warm US Weather – And What To Expect The Rest Of The Year

Guest Post By Joe Bastardi Sound Meteorological reasons for US temperature fluctuations as the globe cools overall The last year the US has been warm and it can be directly traced to the changes taking place in the Pacific as … Continue reading

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