CO2 : Drool CO2 : Drool

Pavlov’s Hogs

Dem senator: Humans causing climate change, saying otherwise is ‘bogus’ – The Hill’s E2-Wire

Millions of gigatons? About 160 gigatons of CO2 gets emitted into the atmosphere every year – of which humans are responsible for about 3%.

Had Hansen never injected his lunacy into Capitol Hill in 1988, few people would even think about CO2 or the climate. Raymond thinks the whole world revolves around CO2, because he has been conditioned – like one of Pavlov’s dogs.


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8 Responses to CO2 : Drool CO2 : Drool

  1. Ivan says:

    “Raymond DeBrane“??

  2. DirkH says:

    Notice how Raymond also avoids the sexist “layman”.

    • Independent says:

      He’s been conditioned with that too. I’m sure he always makes sure to use “he/she” and “womyn” as well. As for me, I’m also insulted when people sing “God Bless America”:

      “Stand beside her, and guide her….”

  3. Rick K says:

    I think Raymond has been “de-brained.”

  4. Andy DC says:

    These tiny changes in trace gasses will get you everytime!

  5. Justa Joe says:

    This is a very common rationale among warmist trolls. I always ask them what is the total volume of the atmosphere and oceans relative to man’s miniscule CO2 output.

  6. Shooter says:

    OH GOD I remember this guy! I actually responded to him, lol! What an idiot!

  7. Sceptics call this particular logical fallacy, an argument from personal incredulity. Works both ways thought.

    (Logical fallacies are called logical fallacies for a reason.)

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