Global Warming Scam Will Be Over By Christmas

I wish ……………

GISS May is out. The 2012 average temperature anomaly (so far) is second coldest year of the millenium at 0.48C. Temperatures continue to plummet below Hansen’s zero emissions Scenario C.

Scenario A is the one we should be comparing against, because it was the only scenario which assumed increasing emissions of greenhouse gases.

If Hansen were correct, the 2012 anomaly would be almost three times higher than it is – and going up instead of going down. Hansen’s theory is a massive fail..

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7 Responses to Global Warming Scam Will Be Over By Christmas

  1. Don Gaddes says:

    By January 1, 2013 the entire planet will be under the influence of a a Two Solar/Earth Year ‘Wet’/ Normal Period (China twelve months into, America six months into, Australia just starting.)
    Global Warming will be over (because it never existed) but the ‘Scam’ wont be! The 97% will be freezing their collective arses off, but they will never admit their delusions exist, while they can continue to ‘snow’ the public and the politicians!

  2. Tomwys says:

    You’ve seen this before, but for the “newbies” to this blog, the disconnect between CO2 and temperatures over the past thousand years has been frighteningly obvious, and more so for the last 15:

    Its becoming increasingly obvious that this year’s Asian/Eurasian albedo augmented temperature decline figures into the equation too.

    Someone once told me that the effect of CO2 is like lighting a candle in a Maine winter auditorium, and expecting the place to warm up. I scoffed at first, but I’m beginning to think that the analogy might hold!!!

  3. Bob Koss says:

    Your link to the Giss data shows the May anomaly at 0.65C.

  4. Bob Koss says:

    Never mind. I now see your point. You are averaging the monthly anomalies for the year.

  5. Robertvdl says:

    Why ? There is gone be a revolution , Heads will roll ? Or Osama Obama is reelected ?

  6. Randall says:

    Add another ‘n” to “millenium.”

  7. It actually seems that CO2 atmospheric content is closer to scenario B. CO2 emissions have rose since 1990 approx. 1.9% annually which is higher than scenario A according to one review. HOWEVER, it appears that Hansen also underestimated how quickly CO2 was actually sucked back out of the atmosphere by natural processes. So go figure. 😉

    If you want to put a positive spin on this you could argue that Hansen’s forecast is just really really bad rather than catastrophically bad.

    Or if you wanted to put a negative spin on it, you could argue that Hansen overestimated temperature rise and CO2 residency time.

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