June 1933 – Hottest June On Record In The US


Every region of the lower 48 states was above 100F, including 113F in Nebraska.


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3 Responses to June 1933 – Hottest June On Record In The US

  1. Andy DC says:

    111 in Colorado. There must have been a fire or two that moth as well!

  2. elfish says:

    Of course that is just the US. The World-Wide temperature in June of 1933 was 0.153 degrees below the 20th Century average. World Wide, the hottest June was in 2010 at 1.05 degrees above the 20th Century Average. June of 2012 hasn’t been released yet.


    • The global numbers are nonsense from June of 1933. Africa had about 15% areal coverage, Asia about 30%, South America about 40%, Antarctica 0%

      The US, Northern Europe, much of Canada, Greenland, Australia, much of Africa were above normal temperatures in June, 1933.

      Given that at least 50% of the earth’s land surface had no thermometers in June, 1933 the error is probably +/- 0.5C

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