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Smoking Gun That USHCN Adjustments Are Fraudulent

U.S. Historical Climatology Network After adjustments, USHCN shows a strong warming trend in New York.  They achieve this by massively cooling the past. All temperatures prior to 2000 are cooled as much as three degrees. The older a temperature record is, … Continue reading


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4C UHI in New York

Hansen tells us that 4C UHI is insignificant, in comparison to the 0.4C anomaly of 2012. NEW YORK CITY’S HEAT ISLAND. (Rosenthal et al. 2003; Gaffin et al. 2008), and the heat island signal, measured as the difference between the … Continue reading

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Stopping The Deniers – Never Forget

1930s deniers are running rampant in government, led by James Hansen – who has been working for decades to distort the historical records of the 1930s. If accurate records of the 1930s were still included in Hansen’s temperature graphs, they would decimate … Continue reading

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Hot Junes Are A Thing Of The Past In South Dakota

SOUTH DAKOTA Climate Summary Twenty two of South Dakota’s twenty-five hottest Junes, occurred with CO2 below 350 ppm.

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Shock News : Nature Is In Balance

A triple-digit high today is no error, said NWS meteorologist Kari Bowen. “We are expecting those high temperatures for this area today,” she said. “The reason for that is the jet is up north, we have this big ridge of … Continue reading

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Following Zwally@Twit

NASA’s Jay Zwally not only predicted a possible ice-free Arctic this summer, but his work also formed the basis of Hansen’s five metres of sea level rise . Hansen still argues 5m 21st C sea level rise possible This is interesting – here is the … Continue reading

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I Expect Temperatures To Be 192 Degrees Today, Boiling The Pikas

Can I get get some global warming research money? After all, I made a ridiculous unsupportable, alarmist prediction which should be worth at least $5-10 million.

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Press Expected To Peddle Inflated Forecasts – As If They Were History

102 degree heat expected in Fort Collins today, shattering record It was hot this morning, but triple-digit heat will scorch Fort Collins this afternoon. The expected high today in the city is 102 degrees, according to the National Weather Service. … Continue reading

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Twelve Degrees Of UHI Tonight At 10:30 pm

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1930s : Hottest Everything

According to NCDC, 1933 was the hottest June on record in the US. 1936 was the hottest July on record in the US. 1936 was the hottest summer on record in the US The summers of 1930-1939 averaged the hottest … Continue reading

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