Earth Month Needed

I was reading Robert Redford’s idiotic comments on the Huffington Post, and the comments of the morons who post there – and realized that the only way to get through to these people is to shut off fossil fuels for a month next winter. They think that is what they want, and we should oblige them.

It will be interesting to see how many greenies have resorted to cannibalism after three weeks of no fossil fuels.

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18 Responses to Earth Month Needed

  1. Unfortunately the people who come up with these weird schemes that cause long term damage to peoples lives don’t tend to hang around long enough to be held to account. And worse, they drag everyone down with them. 😦

  2. gofer says:

    It’s difficult to read some of those comments. It’s depressing that people can be so illogical,so gullible and parrot talking points they have never bothered to check. It’s apparent they don’t want to know the facts. They are very happen curled up in their little ideologies that give them a feeling of superiority and possessing esoteric knowledge that us common folks don’t understand. Just take the statement “destroying the earth/environment”. Where? In WW11, there were millions of tons of explosives dropped all over Europe, forests were leveled, waters polluted, air thick with smoke. Coral reefs vaporized. Looking at those same reefs today, you wouldn’t know anything happened Imagine the CO2. I would call that destroying something, yet these yahoos seem to think we somehow are destroying the “delicate” environment. The only destruction happening is at the hands of the “renewable” energy carpetbaggers, ripping up mountaintops and destroying deserts.

    They have created their own “secular hell” and they will not be denied their demise and the very thought that someone, somewhere might be enjoying life just a little too much, has to be stopped.

    Redford, and those like him, are trying to fit into the 60’s motif. He figures if he cozies up to them, the OWS types will give him a pass and ignore that he’s a evil 1 percenter.

  3. Edward. says:

    Redford is, like all of the Hollywood eco-loons, at heart a real and sanctimonious luvvie. He has all the money and trappings that go with it, he has the comforts and now haughtily sits in judgement. Money means and God forbid – that some think him to be some sort of ‘intellect’, I wonder, has he been listening to Hanoi Jane?
    To earn Gaia plenary indulgences – and to assuage Redford’s guilty conscience [money is the root of all evil] by way of making other far less famous but equally gullible loons feel guilty. It is the human condition – guilt and politicians and Hollywood luvvies play up to it for all it is worth.

    Some of us, are able to perceive more clearly and can see through the puerile rhetoric and ill-thought out message of: the usual guilt ridden guff.

    In California – it has become an industry.

  4. Malcolm says:

    Although Earth Month would cause some discomfort, it would not demonstrate society’s absolute dependency upon fossil fuels. Look around. Is there anything in your current location that doesn’t derive from fossil fuel in some manner or other?
    You would not have housing, clothing, medicine, transportation, telecommunications, manufacturing or food.
    To experience a life without fossil fuels you need to be dropped naked in the middle of a rain forest.
    Tell me how wonderful that is after a couple of days.

    • LLAP says:

      @Malcolm: “To experience a life without fossil fuels you need to be dropped naked in the middle of a rain forest. Tell me how wonderful that is after a couple of days.”

      That would make a great reality TV show. Take the 10 biggest eco-loons in Hollywood and do exactly that … drop them naked in the middle of the Amazon for a month – no help, no rations, no tools. I doubt any would last longer than 3 days before crying “uncle”.

      • papiertigre says:

        I like the concept, except the part about dropping them naked in the middle of the Amazon. I doubt any of us would survive that test.

        Let’s make it more Real World ala MTV. You stick the top ten Hollywood eco-loons in the same house, stipulate that they must live there “sustainably” using only the power they can milk from bike generators and solar panels, eating the crap they can grow in the yard. Make Ed Begley Jr. the house mother. Just imagine the carping this bunch of professional nags would put on each other.

        It would be sort of like going to sea with the whale wars crew, except with extra sanctimony, and zero purpose. I’d buy popcorn and watch.

  5. Lance says:

    hmmmm…Alberta Winter…no heat…or Phoenix winter…no heat….ok, I give up…I’ll take Phoenix…

  6. Brian says:

    Speaking of Hollywood actors… Anyone see Sally Field on Kimmel? What an adorable woman. Every thing today’s actresses are not.

    As for Redford, I was surprised a few years ago to learn that he is left.

    • DirkH says:

      You do know he has that film festival promoting leftist films nobody watches? Sundance it’s called.

      • Brian says:

        People watch big budget shit like Battleship or Adam Sandler’s toilet humor “comedies” now. Have you seen the horrible ADD editing that goes on with movies these days?

      • DirkH says:

        Do you want to imply that because Adam Sandler is an expert for toilet humor a film like “Searching for Sugar Man”, winner of the “World Cinema Documentary Special Jury Prize for its Celebration of the Artistic Spirit” in 2012, should have an audience?

  7. John B., M.D. says:

    Where do they get the $1 trillion number, which per the HuffPo link is “only” $775 billion, and how is this number calculated? No source is given. B.S.
    Even the U.S. component, at most, is $4 billion, and most of this is tax deductions that any business is entitled to. Where does the other $771 billion come from?

    I hope Redford’s ski resort melts.

  8. DirkH says:

    Redford: “Stop Public Handouts to Oil, Gas and Coal Companies, Now”

    I fully support that BECAUSE:
    a) Every coal state in the US would instantly turn a deep deep red; bye, Obama.
    b) The Greens would have to convince Iran to stop subsidizing gasoline. At the pump it costs only a few cents a liter – it’s subsidized to keep the masses happy. And it’s imported because Iran has no refineries, so they pay world market prices.

    I would LOVE to see Greenpeace eco warriors fearlessly chaining themselves to Iranian infrastructure.

  9. Brian says:

    What I want is for us to tell other countries to worry about themselves and for the US to take care of the US. I used to be for things lie foreign aid. Not anymore.

    Take care of ourselves doesn’t mean destroying our way of life.

  10. dmmcmah says:

    Investing in clean energy produces 3 times as many jobs as an investment in fossil fuel huh. Clearly Redford is a dope smoker.

    • gregole says:

      Clean energy = jobs? Bwahahahahahaha!!

      Explain that one to the people in North Dakota – state with the nation’s lowest unemployment and one of the fastest growing. Largely due to their growing and thriving oil and gas industries.

      I never much cared for Redford’s acting – his opinions are ignorant and misinformed.

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