Obama Buying Biofuels At $26 Per Gallon

Green energy means stealing green bills from taxpayers wallets.

In December, the Navy purchased 450,000 gallons of biofuels at $26.75 a gallon, POLITICO Pro reported. In comparison, the cost of petroleum is just a few dollars per gallon.

Groups rushing to save green energy – Austin Wright – POLITICO.com

h/t to Dave G

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10 Responses to Obama Buying Biofuels At $26 Per Gallon

  1. Kaboom says:

    I’m willing to sell diesel to the Navy at that price. I even carry it in buckets a couple yards.

  2. Tomwys says:

    Three cheers for Senator Inhofe’s initiative to end this foolishness. Its time to get him regally placed on the Nobel Prize Winners list, as there are a few who warrant removal!!!

    Not only is biofuel production horribly wasteful from a tax standpoint, but higher grain and food prices are a direct consequence. The Egyptian turmoil and massacres were a result of food price doubling as we took grains off the world market to make (subsidized) ethanol.

    It would be interesting to see if the purveyors of these biofuels rank high amongst the new Crony Capitalists!!

  3. “We buy in bulk and pass the savings on to the taxpayer!”

  4. johnmcguire says:

    It’s one theft after another in this global warming scam! I can hardly accept the depth of the thievery going on , yet I have to because the facts are there. It is difficult to fathom the stupidity of the average voter, voting for people who will openly steal from them. Is it possible that the voting system is so corrupted that these thieves are getting into office fraudulently? We just don’t know because there is no accountability in the voting system with this vote by mail scam. They check you closely to get a drivers license now and you can vote without even seeing anyone. All because of a scam initiated because they say some old person can’t get to the polls to vote. Yeah, like they really care about old people, pretty soon , if they get their way we will see old people getting offed in the hospital because they don’t want to spend the resources on extending their lives.

    • Justa Joe says:

      I’ve talked to people that support these scamsters. It seems that the 2 major things that keep these people supporting these crooks besides the rampant voter fraud, which you mentioned are;
      #1 Identity politics
      #2 The idea that they are crooks, but that they spread the wealth around to their supporters. I call this trickle down corruption.

      Look at what the unions tried to do to Scott Walker in Wisconsin.

      • leftinbrooklyn says:

        Yep–it’s all redistribution of wealth, something Obama said he was gonna do…And though many Americans musta thought: ‘Wait, that could mean MY wealth.”, he was just too ethnic-superman-cool to NOT vote for…Well, if they vote for him again, they get what they deserve (being poorer), twice…

        I’m gonna butcher this quote, & I forget who it’s from, but it basically states: “Once the voters realize that they can vote their way onto the government dole, democracy is finished.” If he gets a second term, I doubt we’ll ever recover. Then, of course, the redistributed dole runs out, and the whole shabang goes up in a puff of smoke, ala the EU….

  5. Justa Joe says:

    If any non-DNC protected person stole $10 million from Uncle Sam or even over-charged Uncle Sam $10 million on a DOD contract they’d be heading for Federal Prison. The DNC does it, and gets away with it every day of the week it seems.

    Former congressman Randy “Duke” Cunningham (R) got +8 years for taking an estimated $2.4 miilion in gifts/bribes. If you’re gonna pull this stuff you’ve got to be a Democrat and it must be done with the imprimatur of being “green” if you want to avoid prison.

  6. Sundance says:

    Here is the economic term for such spending as described in the Urban Dictionary. 🙂


  7. gator69 says:

    Maybe he’s trying to save the taxpayers some money on the Secret Service bar tab…

  8. DC Andy says:

    I want my money back!!!

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