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All Three Alarmist Data Sources Show That The US Is Not Warming

NOAA said that the US is not warming. February 04, 1989 Last week, scientists from the United States Commerce Department’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said that a study of temperature readings for the contiguous 48 states over the last century showed … Continue reading

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How To Identify Alarmist Literature

Every other sentence has something along the lines of “that was debunked here” or “that was discredited here” and then the usual smattering of words like hapless, incoherent, etc…. But what you won’t see is any discussion of the actual … Continue reading

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Why Adding More CO2 Makes Very Little Difference

Most of the greenhouse effect of CO2 occurs from the first 30 ppm. The RRTM data above shows that going from 393 ppm to 560 ppm will increase the greenhouse effect by less than 0.25% in the tropics. This data … Continue reading

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