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Weird Football In Miami

There is a match about to start in Miami which has Messi and Drogba on one team, and Suarez and Dempsey on the opposite team.

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Debby Does Padre Island

Weather Street:Clouds and Precipitation Forecast Movie

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Barack Obama, World Class Fraudster

I just watched an Obama ad criticizing Romney’s jobs record in Massachusetts, claiming that the number of jobs created was very small. The graph below shows Massachusetts unemployment while Romney was governor (blue) and US unemployment while Obama was president (red) at the same scale. … Continue reading


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Time Of Gullibility Bias

My favorite USHCN hack to bring temperatures up, is called the “time of observation bias.” It is based on the idea that all 50,000 or so USHCN station owners have been morons. It is a misnomer. The correct name for it would … Continue reading

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Back From My Ride

The official temperature is 98 degrees. The highest I measured on my bike was 92 degrees. The Weather Underground map has a 15 degree spread over two miles, yet Phil Jones was able to determine the southern hemisphere temperature in … Continue reading

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Wish Me Luck

I’m headed out for a 700 foot hill climb on my bicycle. I’m guessing that the 107F reading is probably bogus.

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Why They Altered The Data

They were sure after 1998 that the climate was spiraling out of control due to global warming. They were also sure that the fate of the planet depended on them getting the word out. In order to spur action, they … Continue reading

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How To Permanently Disable Capslock In Windows 7

Copy and paste the text below into a text editor (like notepad or wordpad.) Save it as file name “disable_caplsock.reg” in some directory which you will remember.  Open up a windows explorer window in that directory and double click on … Continue reading

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Completely Clueless About Sea Level In Florida

Rising seas mean shrinking South Florida future, experts say     Under current projections, the Atlantic would swallow much of the Florida Keys and Miami-Dade in a century, according to experts at a sea-level rise summit DAVID WALTERS / HERALD … Continue reading

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What Hansen Is Hiding, Part 2

Before Hansen corrupted the data about ten years ago, he showed that the three hottest years in US history were 1934, 1921 and 1931. He currently shows 1998 as being the hottest year in the US, but prior to the data corruption … Continue reading

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