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Inside The Alarmist Mind

I wrote an article showing that GISS data has been tampered with to show warming, and some capslock challenged reader writes back screaming at me that the (altered) data shows warming. That was the whole point of the article, and … Continue reading

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One Of The Penn State University Criminals Gets Convicted

Some Penn State staff abuse children, while others abuse data. When you have seen one tree, you have seen Yamal.

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Entering The Dark Ages Of Science

Scientists who claim that huge sea level rises will occur in some places – but not others – are simply flaming morons. Water is a fluid. If the WAIS “collapses” and raises sea level by two metres, then sea level will rise … Continue reading

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E-mail To Gary Griggs

Click on the image to see it full size.

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Solar Max Arrives

NEARLY-BLANK SUN: The departure of active sunspot AR1504 has left the Earth-facing side of the sun quiet and nearly blank. Only one small emerging sunspot interrupts the empty expanse photographed this morning by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory: SpaceWeather.com — News … Continue reading

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Desperate Scientists Getting Bolder And Bolder With Their Lies

This story is incredible. Scientists funded by NSF are directly contradicting all of the available data. There is no plausible explanation other than dishonesty. Sea level to rise higher in California due to global warming, geology  Report says state’s geology, … Continue reading

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Press Loses Interest In Tornadoes

Last year, tornadoes were proof of global warming. This year they aren’t important. According to data from the Storm Prediction Center, the count of preliminary tornado reports during May — 139 — was much below the 1991-2010 average of 276. May is typically the most active … Continue reading

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Creepy Wannabe Dictator At Work

Obama is turning the US into a lawless banana republic, using taxpayer funds as a campaign tool. Obama Phone Now check out this part from the same website : What is the Obama Phone? The term “the Obama Phone” has … Continue reading

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The Latest Attempt To Rewrite History

There have been several comments on this blog recently claiming that the consensus agreed with plate tectonics, but disagreed with continental drift. This is revisionist nonsense, as I will explain below the offending comment. dhogaza says: June 22, 2012 at 9:48 pm In … Continue reading

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Fire Flare Up

The reddish color is actually the sunset through the smoke, not fire.

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