Hot Lead In Colorado

The National Park Service has placed a ban on shooting in Pawnee National Grasslands, based on the idea that bullets could start a fire. I have yet to see lead or steel shot spontaneously combust, but the Obama administration knows better.

In 1978, a catalytic converter started a grass fire at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Arcosanti Center in central Arizona – which burned up 125 cars. Proving once again that guns don’t kill, but pollution controls do.

The Prescott Courier – Google News Archive Search

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  1. ntesdorf says:

    Arcosanti was not designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Frank Lloyd Wright designed thousands of buildings but Arcosanti was not one. Paolo Soleri started the design of Arcosanti off and now others are contributing. Frank Lloyd Wright designed Taliesin West (and Taliesin East in Wisconsin). Frank Lloyd Wright was born June 8, 1867 – and died on April 9, 1959).
    I was walking on the Hi-Line parkway in NYC today when a woman who was looking at Frank Gehry’s IAC building said . “It’s nice, but I liked his buildings in Oak Park a lot more!” Clearly she believed that IAC had been designed by Frank Lloyd Wright some fifty years after his death. Frank Lloyd Wright was a great architect but not THAT amazing.

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