Jeff Masters – Making Up Statistics In Colorado

Colorado’s 114°: hottest temperature in state history

The remarkable heat wave that affected Colorado on Saturday and Sunday has tied the all-time heat record for the state. According to wunderground’s weather historian Christopher C. Burt, Saturday’s 114° reading in Las Animas tied for the hottest temperature ever measured in the state of Colorado. Two other 114° readings have occurred in Colorado history: in Las Animas on July 1, 1933, and in Sedgwick on July 11, 1954.

Dr. Jeff Masters’ WunderBlog : Debby stalls, drenches Florida; 114° in Colorado ties state heat record | Weather Underground

What Jeff was trying to say, is that he thinks Colorado is just as hot as it was 80 years ago. He got a bit confused when he wrote the headline.

But it is worse than it seems.  NOAA says it was 118 F on July 11,  1888 in Bennett, Colorado.

He also wrote :

In Fort Collins, the mercury hit 102° on Sunday, just 1° below the city’s all-time hottest temperature of 103° set on Jul 21, 2005. The heat did no favors for firefighters struggling to the contain the massive 81,000 acre High Park fire fifteen miles northwest of Fort Collins. The fire is the second largest and most destructive wildfire in Colorado’s history, and is 45% contained.

Once again, Jeff is spreading BS. The official high temperature in Fort Collins on Sunday was 101F, and according to USHCN it was 102F on three days in 1954 and one day in 1925.

I wonder why he forgot to tell the truth?

Fort Collins Climatic Summary

As far as the fire goes, it is perhaps 1% the size of the 1898 fire.

UPDATED: High Park Fire maps and imagery | The Coloradoan |

FOREST FIRES IN COLORADO. – People in Northwest Part of the State Said to be Fleeing for Their Lives — Loss Will Be Enormous. – View Article –


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15 Responses to Jeff Masters – Making Up Statistics In Colorado

  1. suyts says:

    Well, one has to go with what they’re good at. In Masters’ case, it’s just making crap up is what he’s good at.

  2. NoMoreGore says:

    Well, the upshot of all this is that your Pikas are already braised, and ready for stewing. Add Organic Potatoes, carrots, and green beans and you’ve got a RIO +20 crowd pleaser. Spice with a little Polar Bear bile in place of Tabasco.

  3. kirkmyers says:

    Masters apparently feels he must do his part to keep the AGW hysteria front and center to somehow blunt the growing skepticism regarding mankind’s alleged fossil fuel-induced climate treachery. I’m sure he takes great care to avoid citing any data that would undermine the AGW hypothesis. And for good reason: Departing the least bit from the official AGW theology might get one a cold shoulder and the silent treatment at the next cocktail party.

  4. And in other news:

    “Poo Power! is one of 63 successful recipients from Inspiring Australia’s ‘Unlocking Australia’s Potential’ program. The $45,000 grant has been awarded to the Yarra Energy Foundation to turn dog poo from parks in the City of Yarra into renewable energy.”

    Your tax dollars at work…

  5. Andy DC says:

    Even if Masters were correct (which he isn’t), what does tying an 80 year old record mean with respect to climate change? Absolutely nothing. But what does lying about tying on the part of Masters say about his character? Quite a bit.

  6. pet says:

    You need to dig up those accounts where people recently sat outside on their decks in the foothills after a big cold front then a snowmelt followed by instant warming, and watched the plank nails shoot into the air due to the 60 degree temp differential in a few hours having their way. Been their done that. That’s why they invented screws. Not sure we could survive a 0.07 degree global average change. But somehow we survived that 60 degree temp change in ONE day, along with all of nature around us. From Evergreen, CO…….

  7. pet says:

    there. sorry. late

  8. twb says:

    Actually, in this case NOAA is incorrect about the hottest temperature recorded in Colorado. The 118F was debunked in a study in 1984, and the Colorado Climate Center at CSU no longer accepts Bennett as accurate. Master’s is simply repeating what is said here:
    The 1984 study showed clearly that the 118F Bennett reading was an outlier in terms of temperature vs. elevation, and was almost certainly caused by a thermometer exposed to the sun. I believe the 1984 study appeared in Weatherwise.

    • I see, so he accepts a CSU report, but ignores the official CSU temperature of 101 on Sunday – when comparing against the CSU temperature records.

      He also headlines that 114 was the hottest temperature ever in Colorado, even though it has happened twice before.

      • twb says:

        Technically, 114F is the hottest temperature ever in Colorado…now it has happened three times. And it is not a “report” – it is certified by the Colorado Climate Center. Call them up if you do not believe it.

      • Shocking. According to CSU, Colorado was just as warm as 1933, and according to NOAA it was only four degrees cooler.

    • It takes 96 years to “debunk” a thermometer reading? No wonder you think the Earth is warming.

      • twb says:

        I have no idea what your point is. Max temps at individual stations are not evidence, by themselves, of global surface temperature trends. Nor does the max temp observation of 114F in 1933, 1954, or 2012 allow one to make any conclusion about Colorado being warmer or cooler. Who said I thought the Earth is warming?

        • Max temps are an indication that masters is cheating. He used the official temperature in Fort Collins as a baseline, and then used a different thermometer to claim the 102 temperature.

  9. Robert Dennis says:

    That 118 degree reading in Bennett, recorded in 1888, has been dismissed as very unlikely, if not impossible. Bennett is only a few miles from DIA, which usually tops out at about 105. A comparative analysis of the Bennett reading strongly suggests that it is dubiuos, at best

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