No More Respect : Monsoons Arrive

Just when we started getting some respect and finally  hit 100 degrees this afternoon (for about 10 minutes) the rain came. I was standing outside watching the glow of the fire about 20 minutes ago when the rain arrived. A few minutes later the glow was gone.

The increase in humidity and rain should help the firefighters out. This past week was a firefighters nightmare of high temperatures, high winds and very low humidity.


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2 Responses to No More Respect : Monsoons Arrive

  1. Don Gaddes says:

    The same Two Solar/Earth year ‘Wet’/Normal period that has reached Duluth, forecast to reach the Pacific by early July.(thirty degrees of longitude/month with the Westward Solar orbit of the Earth’s Magnetic Field.)

  2. Colorado Wellington says:

    Yes, a little warmist respect would be nice but rain’s better. Have been doing fire mitigation today—mowing grasses on the slopes. It is bone dry.

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