Watching Crooks At Work

Paul Homewood has captured four different versions of Alice Springs temperature from the GISS web site – so far this year. I made an animation of the images he captured. -all at the same scale and axis registration. The changes in temperatures, trends, absolute values curvature, etc. show us that Hansen’s data is a completely worthless altered mess.

Temperatures Altered Yet Again In Alice Springs « NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT

Paul says that GISS blames this insanity on a college kid. How many more versions will they fabricate this year?


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4 Responses to Watching Crooks At Work

  1. Dave N says:

    I’m sure there’s a South Park quote in there somewhere, containing the words “pretty”, “up” and “right there”.

  2. Eric Simpson says:

    An all time record low temperature was reached at South Pole Station of -100.8°F:
    I know we are waiting for the unlikely event of Vostok Station pushing below -115°F, or the extremely unlikely event of hitting a worldwide record low of -129°f. Yes, but at the Sooth Pole Station we have reached a record low -100°. This is an insane record to break in the midst of a supposed global warming crisis.

  3. lapogus says:

    Did I dream that Prof Muller (BEST) described Hansen’s GISS as a high quality dataset?

  4. johnmcguire says:

    Hey Lapogus, We know the truth about Muller now.

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