Discovery Channel Vision Impaired

Will Arctic Sea Ice Reach Record Low This Year? : Discovery News

What are these geniuses talking about? A week after the article was written, the Arctic Basin is still almost entirely frozen over. – Arctic Terra – (2012/177)

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16 Responses to Discovery Channel Vision Impaired

  1. johnmcguire says:

    i have no idea , or control over , how low the ice extent will shrink during the melt season. I also will not waste any time worrying about it. It would be interesting to go up there and look at it and try to get a grasp about what life is like on the edge of the artic circle, but I like gardening and growing things too much to want to stay.

  2. If only CO2 would directly melt the ice. Then all their genocidal fantasies would make sense.

  3. jak says:

    Hi Steve,

    Maybe them geniuses found this map…

    …which makes it easier for the vision impaired.

    Or maybe they can read a graph…

    And perhaps, in the light of these, they made the extraordinary decision not to deliberately go out of their way to mislead their readership.

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