LA Times Shock News : Waves In California

Hey, California, hot enough for ya? Just wait

California hit 134 degrees in 1913, and sea level has been declining at Newport Beach for as long as the satellite records have been made. As usual, the author has all of his facts wrong.

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6 Responses to LA Times Shock News : Waves In California

  1. John B., M.D. says:

    Maybe plate tectonics are causing the land to rise.

  2. Eric Simpson says:

    Yes, the sea has been rising through the roof, but we don’t see anything at all because, in a pure coincidence, the land has risen just exactly the same amount. Right. And yesterday wuwt reported that the Chicken Little Brigade is predicting a 5° temp rise in the L.A. area, my comment:
    L.A. summers -used- to be hot; looking at Pasadena in particular, we’re talking a majority of the summer days over 90°F, and many over 100. But those who live there have noticed a dramatic change, as the last 4 summers — in a row — have been cool. 90° has been a virtual ceiling, with just a handful of days going over 90, and literally just a couple of days reaching 100. This is seemingly and obviously inconsistent with the notion that we are in a period of acute global warming. Instead, if we were actually living in the hotest period of history, nearly all the days should be over 90, and a near majority over 100. But it’s the opposite… And now, to predict that temps are going to skyrocket in L.A., it’s just ludicrous, laughable. Makes you shake your head in disbelief. The warmists are full of it.
    And here again, as we are going into our 5th cool summer in a row, looking at the 10 day weather report for Pasadena right now, when in the past we typically had temps mostly over 90 degrees at this time and even over 100 degrees, we have it instead barely over 80 for all 10 days:
    Pasadena CA High Temps predicted from Jun 27th to July 5th: Today 84, Wed 84, Thu 84, 84, Sat 82, 81, 81, 82, July 4th: 82, 83

  3. Wow, look at the El Nino peak in ’98… Corresponds well with temperature. The rest of the chart isn’t too bad either. If that is any indication, it looks like Newport Beach might be as good as any thermometer, since we don’t know how to read those complicated things anyway.

  4. Rosco says:

    Which part of California hit 134 degrees ? I hope you’re talking Fahrenheit here ! Almost 57 C seems a little extreme.

    Talking about extreme weather – we are expecting a 2 degree difference – 12 to 14 C for today when normal would be something like 9 to 22 C with bright sunshine – haven’t seen the sun for more than a week at our usual driest time of year. I’d prefer a bit of drought for a change.

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