More On The Oklahoma Big Lie Of 2011

I did some more math to check the claims that last July in Oklahoma was the hottest month in US history. The BS is worse than it seems.

Meeker Oklahoma USHCN Temperatures
Month    Year   Average Max   Mean   Average Min
August   1913         106.4   89.5          72.2
August   1936         105.8   90.1          73.7
July     2011         101.9   89.0          75.6

Meeker is the closest USHCN station to Oklahoma City. Daytime temperatures were much higher in both 1913 and 1936, mean temperatures were higher in both 1913 and 1936, and UHI made nighttime temperatures warmer in 2011.

But it gets worse. August 1913 had five consecutive days over 110 and a total of 22 days over 110. August 1936 had six consecutive days over 110. July, 2011 had zero days over 110 degrees.  1913 and 1936 were both much hotter than 2011.

1913 was also the year that California set the hottest temperature ever measured this side of the Atlantic – 134F.

According to Hansen, every year since 2000 has been hotter in the US than 1913, and 2011 style heatwaves were impossible below 350 PPM. He is completely incompetent.


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