If It Looks Like Racketeering And It Walks Like Racketeering …

It is simply not a plausible coincidence that we have been hit with one wildly exaggerated study after another in recent months, and in particular all the sea level fraud of late.

The Federal Court today demonstrated the effectiveness of the billions of taxpayer dollars being funneled to the climate mob. Instead of prosecuting the mobsters, the court is giving them cover.

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8 Responses to If It Looks Like Racketeering And It Walks Like Racketeering …

  1. gofer says:

    Who knows where we would be if it weren’t for people like Steve and many others and the power of the internet. I suspect we would already be in a state that we have fought against for decades. For the first time in my 6 1/2 decades, I actually fear for our country. We are rapidly descending into a rulership and the leader just keeps pushing the envelope of power grabs. What’s next to fall and will anyone have the fortitude to step up and say enough?

    I wish somebody would ask one of them, if we limit CO2, will forest fires be a thing of the past? Will floods, droughts, and extreme weather disappear? If not, how much will they be reduced? These are simple questions any “climate scientist” should be able to answer “robustly.”

    Why don’t they do a study of weather events when we had a “safe” level of CO2?

  2. cb says:

    Again, the problem is the Hills and Junksciences of the world: identifying criminals is an utterly useless activity if:

    a) They may not even be called criminal: i.e. the raw satanism of “lets all be friends and debate the issues.”
    b) Even when, after much soul-searching, someone like Hill et al may just deign to call someone “bad”, those who have through their actions ruined the lives of TENS OF THOUSANDS (mmm, more like millions methinks), are just… let go. Kind of like cutting a deal with some 3rd world mass-murderer, in exchange for ‘being reasonable’.

    When lying, corruption (incl fraud) and murder MAY no longer evoke anger, much less rage; when such things are held up by all as not even being ‘really bad’ – what is the point of talking any more?
    There is no more right, there is no more wrong, in this world. So I’ll just wait for the Lord to return: see whats left of the hippies after trying their BS on Him.

    I’ve said this before also: behold the ‘moral fabric’ of the post-Christian world. I hope this world gets to eat its fill of its own utter and complete foolishness: because THAT would be justice, as cold and dark and horrible as the judgments would certainly be.

    • Traitor In Chief says:

      For judgement to be rendered, someone must stand before judgement, and someone must judge. Most of us have perceptions of right and wrong, and where the line of balance falls, but these opinions are as varied as the stars in the sky.

      Alarmists envision a world of scarcity, and the ego-centric belief that minute amounts of human indiscretion control the environment…. apparently steeped in guilt and self loathing. They seek their own destruction, or that of society. For these reasons I deem them psychotic, and wrong. 🙂

      Not news to anyone here.

      They say history is written by the victor: So the battle here is to educate, because only through awareness can a majority see reason, and stand together to establish an authority of judgement based on reason.


  3. cb says:


    Read something interesting somewhere a little while ago (cannot recall where… maybe Vox Popoli?):

    (Paraphrased from memory): Democracy is a system whereby those who are placed in charge, are those who can convince the most people that they are worthy of that position.

    In this way, it is a nearly perfect system for finding rulers who are con-men, liars, and all-around sociopaths.

    So one could say:

    In capitalism, capitalists are the problem. In socialism, socialism is the problem – as well as socialists.

  4. Andy DC says:

    The problem with democracy is that if a majority of people are on the dole, they are never going to vote themselves off the dole. They will instead vote for for more dole.

    Things got out of control by forcing productive people to support the parasites. Things got completely out of control when the government started borrowing money they didn’t have to support the parasites. We may have already gone too far down the road with this insanity to save the country.

    • gator69 says:

      ‘A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury.’
      Alexander Fraser Tytler

  5. Edward. says:

    America, following the EU model – watch out fellas!

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